Grove Arcade Architecture Tour


Conceived by Asheville business leader (and developer of the Grove Park Inn) Edwin Wylie Grove, Grove Arcade served as one of the city’s leading commercial buildings in the 1930s. Though it was closed to the public in 1942, by the 1970s local support for a return to its original use was increasing, and after an extensive renovation it reopened in 2002. Today the ground level is filled with an exciting mix of galleries, shops, and restaurants enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

The second floor is occupied by offices, and the third through fifth floors house luxury apartments. As you enter the building, you’ll notice it was constructed on a slope. The building’s designers followed the topography of the land, which makes for unique spaces and changing levels throughout. Grove Arcade boasts a mix of several defined architectural styles, further adding to its charm.

We hope you enjoy our architectural tour. Walk the marble halls, learn about Grove Arcade’s origins, and meet the personalities who created it.