The Year 2020 Book by Mountain Made is Available Now!

the year 2020 book by mountain made

An extraordinary moment in history

How would you describe the year 2020? A number of colorful adjectives may come to mind, but we would be willing to bet that “normal” is not one of them. Pivotal events that would typically define a year seem to have occurred one – after another – after another in 2020. Keeping track of it all has been a dizzying experience, with both sides of the media and political landscape chipping away at our patience with 24-hour news cycles, minute-to-minute headlines, and 2-second tweets. Unfortunately, though, what’s often lost are the voices that affect us most – those of our family, friends, neighbors, and local community. That is why, rather than letting figureheads behind podiums write our history for us, our friends at Mountain Made created the Interactive Public Art Project, inviting members of our community to submit their own experiences during a truly extraordinary – truly bizarre – moment in history. 

downtown asheville skyline

The Interactive Public Art Project

Mountain Made this Summer invited guests to drop by the gallery and write down how they were feeling about the year 2020. Before long, they had collected dozens of entries ranging from whimsical, to pessimistic, to nostalgic, and everything in-between! Nearby the writing station, Mountain Made had also set up a watercolor station – AKA the “Graffiti” station. Visitors were encouraged to channel how they felt about 2020 in terms of strokes of a brush, creating a collaborative art project that is as colorful as it is thought-provoking. Once the submissions were complete, Mountain Made compiled all of their favorite poems, paintings, and reflections into a commemorative, printed booklet that captures the artistic heart and soul of Asheville during one of the most extraordinary years in American history. 

The 2020 Commemorative Booklet is available for sale to the public:
$5.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling. 

100% of ALL sales will be donated to the local Manna Food Bank

2020 interactive art project booklet
2020 interactive art project booklet

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