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“Feet are often the most overlooked thing. People complain about them all the time. They’re achy, they’re tired. They’re sore, their ‘dogs are barking,’ but once people start getting a really good foot rub, everything seems to melt away. The stress is gone and people often ask, ‘I don’t know why I didn’t come in here sooner,’” says Lindsay Coogler, Director of Business and Organizational Development. It’s an astute observation. Asheville has a reputation for its plethora of self-care, spa and massage options, but few of these places offer the services and customer service found at Wake Foot Sanctuary.

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The minute one walks through the doors at Wake Foot Sanctuary, stress melts away, and that’s before you experience one of their many incredible foot soaks or massages. The staff are friendly, welcoming and exude excellent service. Owners’ Melissa and Brian Long opened their doors at Wake Foot Sanctuary in 2013. Both have strong familial ties to the Greater Asheville Area and “love the melting pot of creativity and entrepreneurship that Asheville provides,” so it only came naturally that they decided to start their business inside the halls of the Grove Arcade Building in downtown Asheville, after falling in love with the building’s aesthetics and history.

Fun fact: The name ‘Wake Foot’ actually originated from the family dog, Wake, as a testament to his ‘charm, approachable nature and loving attitude towards anyone he met–all of these traits being embodied by the staff and at the core of Wake Foot.

Foot soaks are at the base of the services that Wake Foot Sanctuary provides. These ‘soak baths’ are made with warm water, essential oils, revitalizing salts and many other nourishing clays that arrive in large, copper cauldrons. Soaks last 45 minutes but can also be included with a variety of three massage options including: foot & lower leg, head, neck and shoulder, and hand & lower arm. The licensed massage therapists and tranquil foot soaks erase years of tension and will have you wondering, as mentioned earlier, “I don’t know why I didn’t come in here sooner.”

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