About Caravans:

Caravans offers classic style with an edge! It is a clothing store for women owned by Judith Oster, whose service ethic and extraordinary flair for styling women of all ages have earned her a sophisticated clientele from all over the world.

With more than 30 years of retail experience starting in Southwest Virginia and 16 years of being in business in Rockland, Maine, Judith is excited to be back in the South. Caravans styles and accessorizes women for all occasions. With global fashion lines from Paris to Israel to California, as well as jewelry and accoutrement from cutting-edge artisans and craftspeople, they have the  perfect fit for all frames… and all frames of mind.

A few of the fabulous lines are Alembika, Ronen Chen, Gershon Bram, Komarov, Matti Mamane, Stehman Pants, Banana Blue and Grizas. Personal service and attention to detail will be a highlight of the shopper’s experience. Come see our Spring/Summer collection!

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