Public History & Interactive Art Project – “The Year 2020”

Photo by Aaron Burden

2020 a Year of Covid, Turmoil, Uncertainties, Heroes & Hope

The year 2020 for better or worse will go down in American history as a pivotal moment. It has been often said that history is written for and by the victors.

But nowadays in a world overwhelmed with 2-second tweets, forgettable social media, conspiracy theories and online rages; modern history seems to be written by the distracted, the delusional and the destructive.

Mountain Made, a collaborative arts & crafts boutique in Grove Arcade, is taking a different approach. They are creating a public history journal of poetry, personal musing, thoughtful insights and yes, rants on “The Year 2020”. They could be funny or serious.

Mountain Made's Interactive Art Project: How it Works

Mountain Made have setup two interactive art stations inside the gallery:

* The first one is where you can quickly put down your thoughts on some blank paper (the original “i-pad”) and leave it with Mountain Made. Or just drop us a letter or email here > Contact Mountain Made.

* The other is a shared, public watercolor painting series where you can lay brush to canvas if you are more a visual person.

What's Next?

Finally around the middle of November 2020, Mountain Made will put the written contributions, along the painting into a book! A photograph of the painting will serve as the cover.

Now they won’t promise you this printed book will be fancy but it will be for sale!

They will take donations for it and the monies will go to a local charity. They haven’t decided if it will be one or several but your input will help them know where the donations are the most needed!

Mountain Made will have a lot to think about this year, so put it on paper and share your thoughts with the world.

Contribute to the Project

Email your one page contribution to them or if you are in the downtown Asheville area, we invite you to bring it by Mountain Made. Be sure to put your name on it, city and state but if you want to remain anonymous that is fine too.


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