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Makers Market Rules & Regulations

The Grove Arcade Outdoor Artists Market is operated and maintained by the staff of the Grove Arcade. The purpose of the Market is to support local craftspeople and farmers with an appropriate space in which to sell directly to the public in downtown Asheville. This type of direct selling opportunity provides producers with an income source and gives the buyer the benefit of learning about the product from the person who knows it best.


The Market is open to the public year-round from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily, rain or shine. Vendor has the option to close Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.


The Market is housed outside the south entrance of the Grove Arcade on Battery Park Avenue under the portico. The area is divided into 12 selling tables 8 feet wide by 3½ feet deep. The tables are provided with hose bibs and electrical outlets.


  1. A North Carolina State Sales Tax number is required. The number must be on file with your application.
  2. The Grove Arcade requires a copy of your NC State Sales Tax permit to sell at the Outdoor Artists Market and it should be in the possession of the vendor when selling.
  3. Permits are non-transferable.
  4. Each year a vendor must fill out an updated contact sheet before a vendor can be scheduled for the second quarter. These are due by January 31 of each year. Vendors must show proof of a NC State Sales Tax permit.


Selling Privileges will be issued in the name of the person making the application and listed on the NC State Sales Tax permit.

Only one selling privilege is issued per family but family members (spouse, children (over 18), siblings, parents, grandparents and grandchildren (over 18) may assist in selling for the permit holder. Changes and additions to your agent list should be reported to the Grove Arcade Staff Representative.

Group permits are addressed on an individual basis and must have approval of the Grove Arcade Staff Representative.


Vendors are expected to remain at their space from the time of set up until the market booking time expires. Brief breaks may be taken as needed and covered by other vendors.

If a vendor expands, they will need to pay for the second table space; additional tables are not free.

Per Asheville City ADA regulations, there must be a six-foot unimpeded walkway between the Market tables and any outdoor dining or merchandising. No other merchandise displays can be attached to the metal framework of the Market structure.

In addition, table covers, or displays may not hang over the front edge of the Market table, where they could be pulled loose and harm merchandise or customers.

Each vendor may display one business sign, attached securely to the metal framework of the Makers Market, over the table area, no other items can be attached to the metal structure.

Any vendors who repeatedly continue to book and no show will be subject to a meeting with Grove Arcade Staff Representative concerning the vendor’s level of commitment to the Market and may result in loss of selling privileges.


It is the responsibility of the vendor to decide if their merchandise will be damaged by the weather or if it is too uncomfortable to be outdoors. Understandably, this choice can only be made by said vendor. Makers Market is open rain or shine.


The parking spaces behind the Makers Market tables are for customers of the Grove Arcade. Vendors may use them to park their vehicles for 30 minutes in the morning for unloading and the same in the evening for loading. (E.g., Vendor cars may occupy a parking space at 2:30 p.m. for a 3:00 p.m. closing.) At no other time are vendor vehicles allowed to park in these spaces.

  • Vendor shall observe and obey all parking and traffic regulations imposed by the Landlord on the Building parking areas. Tenant and Tenant’s employees shall not park on Asheville City streets or Asheville City Street parking areas within 100 feet of the Grove Arcade during any day between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Failure of Tenant to comply with parking regulations of Landlord shall constitute a default under the Lease.


The primary artist or farmer is the “story” that makes the Market special. Visitors want to meet and talk to them about their product, its process and development. However, a permit holder may have an agent or representative sell in their place under the following circumstances:

The permit holder must inform the Grove Arcade Staff Representative in advance that an agent will be representing their work.

  1. The agent should be able to discuss the product intelligently with the public.
  2. An agent may sell for only one vendor at a time on any given day.
  3. Grove Arcade Security will circulate a daily check-in sheet. All agents must sign in under the assigned Vendor name and include your name also as the agent. Johnnie’s Jewelry/Mary Smith, agent.


All products displayed and sold at the Market must be grown or produced by the vendor selling them. All products must be approved by the Grove Arcade Staff Representative prior to presenting them for sale to the public. It will be up to the Grove Arcade Staff Representative to decide if products being sold are in conflict with those being sold by merchants inside the Grove Arcade.

Misrepresentation of products to the public in any way (E.g., items purchased by a vendor for resale) may result in loss of selling privileges. The Grove Arcade Staff Representative reserves the right to make a site visit to a studio or farm to establish where the crafts or farm products are produced and by whom.


It is imperative to obey city and state laws and ordinances and Grove Arcade rules/regulations concerning safety and sanitation of the area; under and around tables must be kept free of debris; do not sit on the sidewalk or the tables; no pets or animals are allowed; reasonable dress and footwear must be worn at all times.

  1. Smoking and vaping is not allowed at the tables by vendors or guests. Typically, vendors who must smoke should step across Battery Park Avenue to the sidewalk opposite the Market.
  2. No children will be allowed to accompany vendors at the Market due to safety issues inherent with being so close to a busy street.
  3. Music at individual booths is permitted only with Grove Arcade Staff Representative approval.


Any vendor in violation of the rules and regulations will be formally issued recognition of the violation. Continued disregard of Grove Arcade rules and regulations will result in suspension or loss of vending privileges at the Market. A vendor will be notified of a violation in person, by phone or by email. A meeting with the Grove Arcade Staff Representative can be requested to discuss the violation. A further appeal of the decision can be made to the Grove Arcade Staff Representative, whose decision on the matter will be final.

The Grove Arcade has the final authority to enforce the rules and regulations of the Market. Participation at the Market and products sold are subject to approval by Grove Arcade Staff Representative. The Grove Arcade is not liable for loss, theft or damage of personal property while selling at the Market.