I Got My Aura Read at Adora Therapy

Before this experience, I really didn’t know what an aura was or what it would be like. Living in Asheville, I’ve obviously heard about auras and chakras, but I had no clue what I was about to get myself into.

aura reading


Jim and Laura are some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. They explained everything and were very sweet throughout the whole process. The reading itself took about two minutes. I sat down, put my hand on the scanner, and just relaxed. It was that easy! I was expecting a long crazy process, but it was quick and easy. After the scanner did its thing, it was time for the results. Jim explained what my colors meant and their placement. Each color means something different and where it is around you (above, below, etc.) also means different things. 

They were actually able to tell me a lot about me, my aura, and my chakras. My aura was green and yellow which means I am a natural healer and communicator. I had green on top, center, and bottom which explains my mental state, my essence, and my foundation. The yellow was on the left and right which is energy and how people experience my energy. 

We also went through my chakras. Each chakra is somewhere different on the body and they each correspond with something different. There is the base, navel, solar perplex, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra. Jim explained to me what the different chakras mean and my levels. I had a couple of chakras that were a bit low, and he told me how I can help raise them so they are all balanced. He even let me pick out a crystal that would help raise one of my lowest chakra. 

Laura took me through their aromatherapy scents that help boost chakras. I was able to smell them all and pick one to put on my crystal while I set my intention for the crystal. They told me to keep the crystal on me as much as possible and to meditate with it when I feel like it and to remember my intention. 

I was able to learn so much about chakras, auras, meditation, and more. It was very interesting to me and something I will remember and probably talk about a lot. It’s always fun to learn little things about yourself like that and it was interesting to see how much my aura reading matched up with myself, I would say it was pretty accurate. Jim and Laura told me that auras and chakras can change throughout time, just by getting older and having new experiences, or through meditation and working on yourself. It would be interesting to go back in a couple of years and see how much my aura changes. 


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