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E.W. Grove pioneered the Grove Arcade in the early 1920’s. His idea was to make it a colorful, vibrant mall where there were a variety of shops and office spaces.

Nearly a century later, the Grove Arcade is as beautiful as ever, with its archaic architecture and multitude of state-of-the-art shops that sell things like fine art, handcrafted hats, fine jewelry, unique handmade instruments and clothing, furniture made of natural materials, crystals, and more.

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The types of treats you can find at the Makers Market ranges from recycled wallets, homemade decor like terrariums and professional framed photographs, teas, hand-hammered necklaces and woven earrings, hot sauce, comical greeting cards and books, beautiful art, hand-made lotions, potions, salves and more.

Some of our Makers Market vendors have been vending for over ten years and some have been vending for a few months; but they all have one thing in common – the colorful, quirky passion of Asheville.

Be sure to stop by the Makers Market at the Grove Arcade anyday between 10am-9pm and see the local goodies Asheville has to offer!

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