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About Adoratherapy:

Welcome to Adoratherapy! We go beyond perfume to bring you natural fragrances for your moods. Handmade in our store, our aroma perfumes are organic, vegan, cruelty free, and formulated with the highest grade essential oils. No alcohol, no synthetics or unhealthy chemicals. Our aroma perfumes lift and shift your mood in the moment, allowing you to tap into your best self. Perfume as nature intended. The perfect way to enhance your daily practices from yoga to meditation. Shop or take a seat at our Mood Boost Bar and enjoy a personalized aromatherapy consultation and sampling with our experts. Experience the power of scent with intent.

Make sure to reserve your personalized Aura portrait session with Chi Energy Master James. Your Aura reading will provide you with insights into your chakras and energy allowing our staff to help you select the essential oils and blends most suited for your self-actualization. Each Aura portrait brings together technology and intuition to provide you with an expert Aura reading. Master James creates one-of-kind experiences with crystal grids, reiki and aromatherapy.

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