New To Grove Arcade: Alpaca Wawa

alpaca wawa is a store new to grove arcade

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The flair and elegance of fine Peruvian fiber is now at the Grove Arcade thanks to Alpaca Wawa, situated on the building’s North Hall. The store’s alpaca and baby alpaca garments are made with Peruvian fiber from the Andes of Peru, where alpacas are native.

Only in the Peruvian Andes do alpacas produce such high-quality fibers because it is their natural environment. The right grass, weather and altitude make Peruvian alpaca the softest, most durable fiber in the world.

Alpaca Wawa’s lighter garments are made with pima cotton, which grows in the valleys of the Peruvian coast. Peruvian pima cotton is super soft, fine and good for your skin. No wonder it’s considered among the best fibers in the world.

Designer Gene Castro-Castellares, herself a native of Peru, welcomes local residents and visitors to the area to her lovely new store in the Grove Arcade. You can learn more about the Alpaca Wawa story here.

a photo of the owner of Alpaca Wawa in Peru standing with native Peruvian women and alpacas

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