Vendor Application

$50 Application Fee

The vendor permit will be issued in applicant’s name only. Only one permit is issued per family/household/business. However, others over 18 years of age can sell at vendor’s booth if listed below:

Product Evaluation

This description/evaluation form is designed to provide detailed information to the person(s) reviewing the application on the process and components used in producing the individual items the applicant wishes to sell at the Market. The Grove Arcade Management staff will make the final determination on acceptable products to be sold at the Market. This determination will be made based on the product line, percentage of total item(s) that are handcrafted, quality of craftsmanship and appropriateness for the Grove Arcade.

List all items intended for sale, and answer questions pertaining to that item. All items must be handcrafted by you and not preassembled, purchased for resale or imported. Natural farm products must be grown by you or contain a high percentage of produce you grow yourself.

Once submitted, you will be redirected to the Makers Market Rules & Regulations.