9 Things to Do in Asheville This Fall

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Fall is Here!

Kick off the new season by discovering something new in Asheville. 

AC Marriott hotel

The AC Marriott Hotel offers some of the most picturesque views of the city from its rooftop bar and restaurant, Capella on 9. Chic interior decoration, delicious craft cocktails and a phenomenal tapas-style menu set the scene for a romantic sunset dinner. The rooftop terrace towards the back of the floor has an open layout with comfortable lounge furniture and an attentive wait staff. The AC Marriott Hotel is a great location to immerse yourself in killer views (inside and outside) of the greater Asheville area as well as providing delicious and affordable cocktails and food.

charcuterie board with cheese and meats
woman browsing books at battery park book exchange

Battery Park Book Exchange is not just a used book store, it is an experience that has garnered praise from all over the country. The labyrinth-like layout of twisting corridors create an aura of privacy and seclusion so that you can escape into the book and teleport to another world. Located on Grove Arcade’s south end, Battery Park Book Exchange carries a library of wines and champagnes almost as extensive as their book catalog. Pair your Chardonnay with a delicious assortment of charcuterie, or top off the experience with an espresso. The Battery Park Book Exchange is cozy, welcoming and celebrates the power of literature all while serving delicious food and wines. Oh, did we mention it’s dog-friendly?

Harness your inner Sherlock Holmes by scheduling a 60-minute escape room session to test your wits and teamwork. Escape rooms have taken the world by storm, and Asheville has followed that trend with the opening of Breakout Games of Asheville, located in downtown Patton Ave. Crack codes, search for clues and escape the locked room (you can always leave if the desire persists) with up to eight different players before the time runs out! A perfect way to build teamwork, trust and achieve goals with family, friends or coworkers. 

wake foot spa relaxation bath

In the wise words of Tom and Donna from Park & Recreation, “treat yo’ self.” Are your little ones tired? Of course they are. We are constantly on our toes, running around and adding stress to our feet. People schedule mani-pedis or massages all the time, but what about the two things that keep us upright throughout all of this?! Foot-care is ignored too often, but not for long. Treat yourself to a spa day at Wake Foot Sanctuary and revitalize those tired toes. The staff is extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They make you feel relaxed and cozy before your feet even take a dip in one of their many foot soak services. Whatever you decide to choose from Wake Foot’s offerings, you will wonder why hadn’t done so sooner.

Like darts only way more hardcore. Axeville Throwing Club allows patrons to schedule time to take place in one of the hottest new trends sweeping across the country – axe throwing. You heard that right. Test out your accuracy with a throwing axe and compete with friends at the Axeville Throwing Club. The club has a team of “axeperts” who help with throwing techniques and ensure the safety of participants by teaching best practices. Axe throwing clubs are gaining national attention, and are even vying for a spot at Olympic competitions.

axe throwing in asheville this fall

The Retrocade is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening getting lost in their large library of arcade, console and tabletop games. Admission is $10, but once you pay, you have access to unlimited plays on all of their machines, no quarters necessary. The barcade, as its name depicts, also serves a variety of local and domestic brews as well as wines and kombuchas.

The Asheville Kitchen offers a wide variety of cooking classes for beginners or experienced home chefs. This class is participation-based, and it has all of the necessary equipment and facilities for you to start making those Chinese noodles you’ve always been wanting to make. Take the plunge this Fall to learn how to prepare delicious and interesting cuisine with this masterclass from a trained, experienced professional! Date night idea, anyone? 

cooking class in asheville
apples orchards offer things to do in asheville this fall

What list of things to do in Asheville this Fall would be complete without apple orchards? Western North Carolina has some of the best apple orchards in the country. Apple harvest season runs from late-August through October, and visiting is free! However, we recommend purchasing some delicious apple cider doughnuts or apple butter. There are lots of different options to check out, but here are a few of our favorite places in the region. 

Dinner and a movie? Tried and true method for a relaxing night out. The Fine Arts Theatre in Downtown Asheville is a historic cinema and signature home for art and independent films. Grab a bite at neighboring White Duck Taco before the flick, or grab a craft cocktail at Cúrate across the street. The centralized location offers many options to keep the night going after the credits have rolled. Just walk outside.

fine arts theater offers things to do in asheville this fall

Things to Do this fall in asheville

Fall isn’t just pumpkin spice lattes; it is also a season of change. So try something new, treat yourself or explore something new. We hope this list of ideas gives you a decent start. Enjoy the leaves, and, as always, stay weird.

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