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Interview with an Artist: Bill Bowers Profile

"Art is Not a Privilege for the few, It is a Blessing For All"

Blue Dharma art gallery

“No work of art is complete until it finds its way home,” said Bill Bowers, Owner and Proprietor of Blue Dharma Fine Art. Bill and his art have recently found a new home of their own in the Grove Arcade Building this past July, where Bill now showcases his gallery of Zen Abstract, Surreal Expressionism and Contemporary paintings. Bowers first discovered Asheville in 2006, but his journey as an artist began in 1976 when he was living in Bridgeport, Connecticut. “I studied under two people from Sweden who taught me color and design for visual merchandising.” Bill was hooked and started to do freelance work of his own. Five years later, he sold his first painting for $95 and moved to Cape Cod to become a full-time artist. 


Bill was intimidated at first. He did not hold any formal education in art, but his voracious appetite to learn trumped any lingering doubt. Bowers knew in his gut, “if they [formally trained artists] can do it, I can do it.” Bill learned everything to do with the Decorative and Fine Arts and taught himself on the fly. “It is an infinite never-ending new canvas, and I can go on to tell you some of the different scenarios I’ve done. I remember being at a library on the top lot of a shelf on top of scaffolding on my back doing sky high clouds for this library in Brewster, Massachusetts.” 

Some of Bill Bowers' Artwork: Moroccan Doors, Bird Cage and Siesta Key Sky (Left to Right)- and can be found at

Decades of exploration and experience have given Bowers a varied background, which he cites as the inspiration for his gallery in Blue Dharma. “I’m combining personal expression with interior design projects, things that have project parameters, along with also being a mystic… all of those physical and emotional senses with what I’m doing with the art is even transcending me.” It is, “ a culmination of everything I have done [so] far.” 


Patrons, perspective buyers, or just curious bystanders interested in Bowers’ work are encouraged to stop by frequently. “Monthly changes I switch out,” said Bowers. “There’s so much art coming out of me per week, it blows me away.” Bill also wants his art to be accessible to all. “Art is not for the few, it’s for everyone. I would rather someone have an original piece with a connection to what I am doing that can work within any budget realistically.”


 Bowers’ journey has been decades in the making, and it is still ongoing. He is happy to be nestled in his new home in the Grove Arcade Building, and in a city that celebrates and appreciates artistic talent. “How can your art not thrive? Look at the amount of galleries and artists we have here. So, it definitely is hope for me.” Interested parties can find Bill’s work on display at his new home in the Grove Arcade, or by visiting his website at –


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