Red, White & Blue Public Interactive Art Project

July 3, 2021
10AM - 6PM

We are still unable to host our live art project demos yet, but we refuse to let the 2021 Independence Day go uncelebrated without art!
So for July 4th, we are hosting our first 2021 Public Interactive Art Event. This year we are inviting you to come by Mountain Made, purchase and then create your own designs on a sun hat in Patriotic colors using alcohol and indelible ink markers.
What is Alcohol Ink Art?
Alcohol ink art is the technique of using highly-pigmented (i.e. brightly colored) inks, along with 96% Isopropyl alcohol to create wispy, flowing design on a very fast drying medium such as paper or fabric.
Dyeing fabric with marker pen ink and alcohol is super fast and fun to do. This easy to do technique allows anyone to create colorful designs on just about any kind of white clothing, even a hat.
You can purchase a white fabric sun visor for only $4.00 to use in this special 4th of July art project! We recommend that you and your family come by early since supplies are limited – we have only 100 hats for sale!

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