Diaspora – Chow Chow 2021

August 28, 2021

Event Style: Tapas & Drinks

Diaspora speaks to the dispersion of populations from their indigenous lands, usually by forced migration. And as both history and modern cuisine testify: where people go, food goes with them. Food concealed and preserved offered subsistence and resistance for scattered peoples, and also a seed of hope for continued culture and abundance in a new homeplace. In this way, culinary meetings and mashups from across the globe have resulted in the flavor and richness that is modern food. Join Chow Chow, and moderator Meherwan Irani – Chai Pani Restaurant Group, for an event exploring both the origin and the fusion of cuisine, an edible query into what is lost and what is gained when food and people migrate. With a meal and conversation that travels, from the traditional dish to the “-ish dish”–cuisine that might be described as “Indian-ish”, “Mexican-ish”, or “Vietnamese-ish”, for example–we will consider the challenges and opportunities presented by ingredient substitution, questions of appropriation, and the introduction of cuisines to unfamiliar palates. Ultimately, through flavor and community we will discover how the modern odyssey of the palate that is prompted by these ish-dishes can also inform a journey back to the acknowledgement of traditional roots.

Featured Chefs/Restaurants: Oso Wallman – Food Historian & Chef, Sujitra Chubthaisong & Travis Queen – Thai Pearl, Suzy Phillips – Gypsy Queen Cuisine and Simple Cafe & Juice Bar,  Ramona Young – Kente Kitchen, Erica Glaubitz – Bun Intended

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November 26, 2021

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